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You make decisions all the time. Big decisions and small decisions. One of the decisions that will affect the trajectory and quality of your life more than anything else is who you choose for a spouse. That's a BIG decision. So how do you go about making a decision like that? And if dating is the road to marriage, then doing that well matters. So how do you do that? What if God has something to say about it? Join us for an evening to talk about the often bumpy, fun, uncertain, butterflies-in-your-stomach, painful, exciting, messy road of dating and relationships.

WHEN: Sunday, January 29 from 7-9PM

WHERE: University Center for the Arts (Griffin Auditorium)

WHAT: worship, a talk by Pastor Aaron Stern, and FREE food!

WHO: college students (18-25 year olds) from all over northn Colorado. (You do not have to be a part of MCC to atend).

Invite your friends and hope to see you at Mill City Church College Night.