We believe that generosity is a to be normal, "default setting" for followers of Jesus. And not just average, run of the mill, pitch a few extra dollars into the red kettle, buy a better gift generosity, but radical, more than feels comfortable, thinking through the lens of eternity, "you gave what?" generosity! The kind that reflects the heart of God expressd through the gift of His son, Jesus. The kind that makes an impact, cannot be ignored, and the kind that does something to us in the process.

Generosity isn't something we do, but who we are, so we want to live this way all year round, but each year we put generosity front and center with Generosity Sunday. This year, Generosity Sunday is December 11. We will have the opportunity to give financially as well as pack boxes of supplies to fill a container to ship to LOL Orphanage in Belize.

We are asking you and everyone in our House to ask God what He would have you give above and beyond your normal giving so we, as a House, might give above and beyond our normal giving to our city, our nation, and around the world. You can give in any of our gatherings or online on Sunday, December 11.

Check out the difference your giving is making at Lincoln Middle School in Fort Collins.





As the pressure is turned up to buy, get, and give this holiday season, we want to put generosity front and center. We believe generosity shold be normal for followers of Jesus. We want our vision to be colored by the generosity of God, not just in the gifts we buy, but the way we live. What would happen if we started to give and live in such a way that it reflected God? Join us as we talk about what this looks like, the impact it has on those around us, now and into eternity.


TRAIN THEM UP: parenting seminar

Parenting is a sacred, important, and rewarding job, though if we are honest, it is difficult and often filled with uncertainty as to how to do it well.

Join us on Saturday, December 3 to glean from the wisdom of Pastor Chris Hodges. He is the pastor of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL, one of our overseers, and father of five grown children - all of whom are wholehearted followers of Jesus. The event is free and childcare is provided.

For more details email Register HERE.

*registration will close on Friday, December 2 at 8PM.



Anxiety, panic attacks, and depression are at all time highs. We are consistently bombarded with fear, from news cycles on the outside to thoughts and feelings we battle on the inside. Scripture exhorts the people of God to "not be afraid" and calls us to live fearlessly.

Join us as we talk honestly about the reality of the paralyzing effects of fear and what it looks like to crawl out of the pit of despair, live in freedom, and experience life the way God designed.


THREE WEEKENDS: Saturday gatherings

Due to the need to create space while we are bumped into a smaller auditorium for three weekends, we will also have a gathering on Saturdays at 5:00PM on October 22, 29, and November 5, in addition to the our Sunday gatherings (8:30, 10:00, 11:30AM) on October 23, 30, and November 6.

 Watch this video for more information.

Three Weekends from Mill City Church on Vimeo.