STORY: John + Marie Beck



You make decisions all the time. Big decisions and small decisions. One of the decisions that will affect the trajectory and quality of your life more than anything else is who you choose for a spouse. That's a BIG decision. So how do you go about making a decision like that? And if dating is the road to marriage, then doing that well matters. So how do you do that? What if God has something to say about it? Join us for an evening to talk about the often bumpy, fun, uncertain, butterflies-in-your-stomach, painful, exciting, messy road of dating and relationships.

WHEN: Sunday, January 29 from 7-9PM

WHERE: University Center for the Arts (Griffin Auditorium)

WHAT: worship, a talk by Pastor Aaron Stern, and FREE food!

WHO: college students (18-25 year olds) from all over northn Colorado. (You do not have to be a part of MCC to atend).

Invite your friends and hope to see you at Mill City Church College Night.


Current Series: FOCUS

What we focus on will shape our desires, decisions, and destiny. As followers of Jesus we are encouraged to "fix our eyes on Jesus," so that we can become like him and develop mature faith. This sounds easy, except that there are so many things vying for our attention which can distract us. Join us as we talk about the enemies of focus and what we can do to maintain focus on Jesus.


21 Days of Prayer and Fasting // 2017

We begin every year by setting aside twenty-one days to pray and fast as a House. We believe prayer matters, not as a way to get God to do what we want, but to get in on what God is doing. Our desire is to draw near to God, orient our hearts around His, and ask Him to do what only He can do in the year ahead.

21 Days 2017 begins on January 8 and concludes on January 28. Join us as we fix our eyes on Jesus in prayer, fasting, and worship. We will gather to pray together every weekday. Details are as follows.

        January 9-13           6:00 to 7:00AM

        January 16-20         noon to 1:00PM

        January 23-27         5:00 to 6:00PM

Our last gathering is on a Sturday and will be a powerful finale together. You don't want to miss it.

        January 28              9:00 to 10:00AM

All gatherings are on the second floor in the South Auditorium (Organ Recital Hall) at the University Center for the Arts (1400 Remington Street).

No childcare available, but all kids are welcome.

For more information on fasting, check out the Prayer and Fasting Resources post.


Mill City Students Mission Trip 2017

We are called to reach people far from God with the life-giving message of Jesus, and to live differently so that we can make a difference. 

I have had powerful experiences at camps, conferences, and gatherings, but I have never had more powerful encounters with Jesus and His Church than through local and international mission trips. I am inviting all middle and high school students to experience God in a fresh new way by joining me for the first ever Mill City Students mission trip.

WHO: middle and high school students

WHEN: Spring Break 2017, March 11-19

WHERE: Hollywood, CA

WHAT: we are partnering with DOOR, a ministry dedicated to life-changing experiences rooted in relationship with local communities and neighborhoods. You can learn more about DOOR here.

HOW MUCH: $650 for each student - includes all meals, transportation, and lodging.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at You can register online here.

For His fame,


Evan Kelly // Student Pastor