The Mill City family is growing!

It has been just a little over six months since our first Sunday morning service in late February, and what a ride it has been already. When Jossie and I embarked on this church planting  journey only a year ago (which a fellow church planter told me was like riding a roller coaster...without a seatbelt...on fire!! He was right.), we thought our first service would be starting now (Sept. 2012).  Little did we know that an incredible team would form in only a couple months and the UCA would become available at just the right time. We shifted course and responded to what God was doing by developing as a team, growing in relationship with one another, praying together, and feverishly planning.

Over the past few months, we have watched our church family steadily grow in both breadth and depth. Not only are there lots of people in our Sunday gathering, but people are committing their lives to Jesus almost every week, groups and individuals are serving and giving to one another, and partnerships are developing around the city to communicate the love and hope of Jesus.

As a result of what God is doing we are again adapting to His movement.  Starting this Sunday, September 9th, Mill City will have two Sunday gatherings. Times will be 9AM and 11AM at the UCA. Mill City Kids (0-5th grade) will be available at both 9AM and 11AM.

The goal was never two services, but rather to point people to Jesus and provide a family in which people can participate and grow. So let's make room, not just in the auditorium, but in our hearts. Jesus is indeed building His church.

I love following Jesus with you,



To the ends of the earth

Jesus gives the command to go into all the world preaching the Gospel and making disciples.  Not everyone can leave the borders of America for an extended amount of time but we all still play a part. This summer we sent out a couple of our own to the nations. We sent them out with prayer, finances and support.

Ryan Pauly went to the Dominican Republic for a second year.  He is a teacher at a school all while helping with a baseball and youth ministry and a school for Haitian refugees. You can keep up with Ryan and all that he is involved with by visiting his website at or his blog at


Noah Myers is on the Amazing Race, which is basically 11 one month mission trips back-to-back-to-back-to-back... He started in Malaysia and will be off to Australia, Cambodia, Vietnam/Laos, India, Nepal, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ukraine and Romania. He is on a team that will be working with churches, You can follow Noah and his adventures at


Let's continue to pray and stand with Ryan and Noah as they bring hope to a lost and dying world.


Current Series: FULL

Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." (John 10:10).  

Was He only talking about heaven?  Was He talking about life...FULL life on earth? Is it possible that the Kingdom of God is not something we only experience after we die, or are we relegated to just "making it through"?

When Jesus talked about FULL life, He was talking about eternity, but that wasn't all. He was saying we can experience the FULLness of God, and when we do, we will live a FULL life.  So the question do experience the fullness of God?  Do we just read our Bibles more?  Do we pray more? Or are there other things that don't look as spiritual? And what does a FULL life look like?  Is it money, a nice car and no pain or is it bigger than that?

Join us as we explore the ways that God designed us to live life to the FULL.


So proud of the Mill City family!

What a great summer we have had together!

These last few months at Mill City has been anything but uneventful.  We have spent time meeting and praying with each other, dedicating babies, hiking, worshipping, studying the Scriptures, laughing and eating together and participating in what God is doing. God has been at work building a family. A family that loves Jesus, one another, and the world around us.

One of the things I love about this family is your generosity.  I am really honored to pastor such a generous church!**

*In June we were abe to give a 15-passenger van to the Matthews House here in Ft. Collins. They were so grateful as the van came at a time of great need for them. The majority of their youth are emancipated from the foster care system at 18, or they come out of the justice system on parole. Their goal is to instill value and dignity so the youth can create a bright future for themselves. In six years they have empowered 440 youth and helped over 100 graduate high school. Their new school program launched this summer so the van helped them with transportation.

*Three Saturdays in July and August we helped get the word out and invited thousands of families to Sharing Hope on August 25th. This city-wide event was a huge success as so many were the hands and feet of Jesus to those in need in our community. Check out the brief recap video here:

*We also sent out Ryan Pauly (Dominican Republic) and Noah Myers (World Race) and gave thousands of dollars to overseas missions.

At the end of July we had a beautiful family Sunday with a water baptism celebration.  There were 17 people who made a public confession of faith. Physically demonstrating a spiritual reality...that God had brought them from dead to alive.  I will never forget this day and am anxiously anticipating the next one.

As we move into the fall we continue to see God adding people to our family.  It really says so much about you...a welcoming and passionate family...a Jesus church :).

Let's keep our eyes on Jesus and keep repsonding to that which the Spirit is doing among us.

Thank you for embracing the Mill City family! I love following Jesus with you.



**At least 10% of anyting that is given to Mill City goes toward local and global outreach projects. You can give online at and click on the 'give' button.


Alpha Center Gala

We have the privilege of partnering with some incredible organizations in our city.  One of them is the Alpha Center...just down the street from where we meet on Sundays. The Alpha Center is a medical clinic that provides support, education and counsel to individuals facing decisions about sexuality, relationship and pregnancy issues. They have served the Larimer County area since 1985. Jenny Langness (director) and her team are amazing. They truly bring light into darkness and hope to desperate places.

On Saturday night, September 8th, the Alpha Center is hosting Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, international speaker and author of 60 books, as he speaks to the issue of life and what we can do to support it.

The gala will be held at the Hilton in Fort Collins beginning at 7PM (registration begins at 6:30pm). Following his message will be the Hilton’s famous dessert buffet. There is no cost to attend, but seating is limited so reserve your place today! Simply go to the Alpha Center events page at There will be an opportunity to make a pledge or donation to the life-affirming work of Alpha Center at the conclusion of Dr. Wilkinson’s message.

Check out this short video for a message from Dr. Wilkinson.