Baby Dedication: Selah Johnson

Congratulations Beau and Nicole Johnson.  We are so thrilled that you are part of the Mill City family and what a joy to dedicate Selah as a part of your family. We pray that she grows as a women of God, being sensitive to the Spirit, hungry for the Word of God and surrounded by a strong community of faith.  She is loved!

We dedicate babies out a heart of gratefulness to God, recognizing that children are a gift from Him, much like Hannah dedicated her son Samuel in I Samuel 1:26-28. Baby dedications happen at Mill City on the second Sunday of every month. To schedule a dedication email: tompkins@millcitychurch.org

Photo by Audrey Hannah


Mill City Wedding: Aaron and Kaila

You might recognize Aaron from the stage on Sunday morning as the multi-talented violin and guitar player. You might recognize Kaila if you check your baby into Mill City Kids, as the always smiling and exuberant nursery worker.  They are active in Mill City and they are now newlyweds!  They tied the knot on July 8th, 2012. We are so excited for you and look forward to supporting you, walking with you and watching God do great things in and through you.

Congratualtions Aaron and Kaila Norris!



Family Sunday

Hello Mill City!

I love how God is forming this community and developing the Mill City family.  What a joy to see people grow in relationship with God and others. As a celebration of what God has done we are having a Family Sunday on July 29th. Mark your calendar and plan to be there.

Things will look just a bit different than normal, so here is what to expect:

MILL CITY KIDS - We will not have Mill City Kids (children's ministry) during the service. All children will be in the main service with their parents.  This not only gives our kids team a nice break but families get the opportunity to worship together.

WATER BAPTISM - We are going to have our first water baptism at Mill City! When we surrender our lives to Jesus we become a part of the family of God. Water baptism is a public confession of faith in Jesus and declarartion of participation in His family.  This is going to be an beautiful celebration of new life. You don't want to miss it!

Baptisms will happen as part of the service outside the UCA.  Feel free to invite freinds and family. If you are interested in being baptized email: info@millcitychurch.org

FAMILY MEAL - After service we will have a big picnic! We will fire up the grill and eat family style at tables and blankets on the grass field behind the UCA. There will be games for the kids. Please bring chairs or a blanket and a drink or a bag of chips...everything else will be provided by Mill City.

Family can sometimes be messy, but it is so rich when we embrace all that it is and can become.

I love being your pastor,



Love Ft. Collins: Sharing Hope

As followers of Jesus we are called to bring and participate in the Kingdom of God.  This looks like blessing the world around us and sharing hope and restoration.  We are doing this as a community of faith in a tangible way by joining in Sharing Hope on August 25th.

Sharing Hope” is the overarching term used to describe the collaborative effort between the faith community, businesses, non-profit organizations, city government, medical community and schools to meet the needs of and empower those caught in the trap of poverty within Fort Collins and the surrounding region. For more specific information about what will happen on August 25th visit their website here.

Mill City Church has the opportunity to participate in this city-wide event in a significant way.  We will be distributing fliers and a small bag of fruit door to door to invite our honored guests to the event.  We will do this in three to four areas of the city where the need has been identified to be the greatest. 

Flier distribution will happen on three Saturday mornings: July 21, August 4, and August 18.  We will be walking these areas between 9am and noon. Lunch will be provided afterward.

You can sign up for any or all Saturdays azt the Welcome Counter on Sunday mornings or by emailing Grant and Carly Barron at: grantbarron@me.com

Let's join together and serve the least and the last of our city in the name of Jesus!


Current Series: STORY

Aproach makes all the difference!  If we approach something from the wrong premise then everything that follows is going to be off.  For example, if we approach playing football like it is a basketball game then it will not matter how well we play basketball; we are going to miss all that comes with playing football.

The same is true of the Bible.  How we appraoch this book is key.  If it is a good book in line with many other "good" books then we will treat it a certain way.  If it is a book of rules we will deal with it another way.  So, what if the Bible is the story of God? What if it is not just a collection of Sunday school stories but a cohesive and timeless story. What does that mean to us today?

Join the conversation. Join the story!