At The Movies

Everyone loves a good story. A well told story can evoke laughter and tears, spark memories and dreams, and bring people together in a beautiful way. When Jesus walked the Galilean countryside and talked with crowds and individuals he often told stories, called parables, to bring a spiritual truth to life.  At the Movies does the same thing. We are taking modern day stories, movies, to highlight biblical truth. We hope you will invite a friend and join us for this amazing three week series starting on November 5 at both campuses. See you At the Movies.

*Due to legal constraints, we cannot post At the Movies on our weekly audio or video podcast.

This Is Us

“How did we get here?” It’s the question we ask when we find ourselves watching stupid cat tricks on YouTube when we went online to buy a gift for a friend. We drifted from our true mission. This can slowly and unknowingly happen to us individually and organizationally as pressures mount, distractions increase, and options abound. We can prevent this from happening by knowing who we are and what we are called to do.
This is Us is a series unpacking the core cultural values of Mill City Church. They describe who we are and what we are about. They are not a list of ideas, but realities we live into. They describe us collectively and individually. They make us us.




After Jesus’ resurrection, He returns to heaven, but not before giving an assignment to His followers that couldn’t be accomplished alone. They would need each other and a supernatural partner, the Holy Spirit. The book of Acts is the story of the beginnings of the Church and how they carried out the mission placed before them. The story of God’s rescue and redemption continues today, so we are also invited to participate. This means we have must look back to the 1st century to learn how we go forward in the 21st.

Join in on the journey and take your place in God’s ongoing story.



Serve Day 2017

We love our city all year round, but we joined churches around the world Saturday, July 15 to make a big difference together in our communities. 


Happy Father's Day

We honor all men - those who father their own children as well as those who spiritually father and sow faithfully in our House and beyond. Thank you for all you do. Men are worth honoring!