What's Your Secret? || Resources

Bringing secret sins, thoughts, fears, struggles, and temptations out of the darkness into the light is a vital step toward being who God designed you to be. Please be honest with yourself, God, and others to experience forgiveness and healing. We are meant to live life known and loved. Throughout this series we have talked about a myriad of issues, many of which require an ongoing process, and may need to be addressed by a mental health professional. Below are some resources we hope you will find valuable in your journey toward freedom.

Suicide is a real issue, and not to be taken lightly. There is help available. Please take advantage of the resources below

If you're thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, the Lifeline network is available 24/7 across the United States. Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255

Resources and help are available locally from Assistance for Suicide Prevention of Larimer County.


Sexual Addiction is real and prevelant in our culture and within the church. If you are struggling with sexual secrets/addictions there are resources available to help you break free.

Dr. Doug Weiss is an expert in the field of sexual addiction. He provides resources, groups, and intensive indiviadual and marriage counseling. Find out more at

Pure Desire Ministries exists to provide hope and freedom from sexual addiction for men, women, and teens. Counseling, events, and small groups are available. To find out more, as well as find a group in Northern Colorado, go to


Professional Counselors can be especially helpful to help you experience emotional health, accurately see yourself, and effectiviely address root causes. We recommend the following counselors for any issue.

Restoration Counseling - Fort Collins

Inner Workings - Greeley & Denver


If you have any questions, would like to talk to a pastor, or need specific input please contact us at



God is calling us out of hiding into a full and flourishing life; one where we travel freely and lightly. To get there, we must step out of the shadows and embrace the light through a lifestyle of confession. Confessing to God (1 John 1:19) and to others (James 5:16). When we live in the light, the burden of shame is lifted and we can experience the blessing of being fully known and loved.

This first step is followed by release. We need to let go of the pain, the death, the shame, the bitterness, the pride, and everything else that has come with carrying secrets. Release is so important because if we want to walk into our destiny we must deal with our history. It is easy to want to just get past it, but we have to move through it. One of the ways we release the past is to lament. To lament is to grieve the losses we have experienced.

We are not generally taught how to grieve in our culture. We hear things like "toughen up," "don't cry," or "get over it," and we avoid emotions like sadness and run from the feeling of loss.

The Scripture encourages lament - two thirds of the Psalms are laments, Jesus wept (John 11:35), and says in the Sermon on the Mount, "Blessed are those who mourn, for the will be comforted." (Matthew 5:4).

The healthy thing to do is to identify the losses in our lives. Death is the obvious one, but there are many more. We need to grieve the loss of attacthments, like kids going away to college, the inabaility to have a baby, moving houses, the betrayal of a close friend, or changing jobs. We need to grieve the loss of status, like a job, influence, finances, or maybe mobility as we age. Finally we need to grieve the loss of meaning - this might be letting go of dreams, a way of understanding faith, or mourning the loss of innocence.

Every loss is worth grieving. We lean into these losses, not so we can always be sad, but so we can expereince the comfort and strength of the Holy Spirit. Just like in the movie "Inside Out," joy came alive when sadness was around. Joy and sadness sometimes run on parallel tracks. and if we numb the sadness, we won't experience the fullness of joy.


These ideas and more, were part of a message called "Release" in the series "What's Your Secret?" You can watch or listen to the full message or find the entire series here.

You can also purchase the book, What's Your Secret? Freedom Through Confession by Aaron Stern, here.


What's Your Secret?

Is there anything about you that know one else knows?


We are prone to cover. No one likes to feel exposed. Vulnerable, embarrassing, shameful are just a few words that immediately come to mind. But what if it is dangerous to keep a secret? Dangerous to your physical health, emotional well being, relationships, and potential.


You don’t want to miss this series. Join us as we talk about light, darkness, shame, freedom and a life without secrets. It could just change your life.

21 Days of Prayer and Fasting || 2018

We begin every year by setting aside 21 days to pray and fast as a house. We believe prayer matters, not as a way to get God to do what we want, but to get in on what God is doing. Our desire is to draw near to God, orient our hearts around His, and ask Him to do what only He can do in the year ahead.

21 Days 2018 begins on January 7 and concludes on January 27. Join us as we fix our eyes on Jesus in prayer, fasting, and worship. We will gather to pray together every weekday. Details are as follows.

        January 8-12           6 to 7 a.m.

        January 15-19         noon to 1 p.m.

        January 22-26         5 to 6 p.m.

Our last gathering is on a Saturday and will be a powerful finale together. You don't want to miss it.

        January 27             9 to 10 a.m.

All gatherings are at the our Remington campus in the South Auditorium (Organ Recital Hall) on the second floor of the University Center for the Arts (1400 Remington Street).

No childcare available, but all kids are welcome.

For more information on fasting, check out our Prayer and Fasting Resources post.


Home for the Holidays

The holidays can be wonderful times as we give thanks for all we have received and celebrate the arrival of Jesus into our world. Music, meals around a big table, decorations, gifts, travel, shopping, and lights - this season is full of joy but can also be stressful, overwhelming, and downright painful; because along with all the festivities comes family. Along with the memories of togetherness come broken relationships, lost relationships, and dysfunctional relationships.

Join us as we take a look at how to navigate the holidays with grace and wisdom and enjoy the gift of these days and the family with whom we share it.