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“If you are generous with the hungry and start giving yourselves to the down-and-out, your lives will being to glow in the darkness” Isaiah 58: 10 (MSG)

As a house, Mill City church is committed to serving our city generously. Our church is making a difference in the name of Jesus. We’ve heard many wonderful testimonies from Lincoln Middle School as our church has created a generous glow among the students and teachers. Serving and giving generously starts with what you have now. Everyone has something to give to enrich the life of another.

I want to encourage you as a city group, friends, family or as an individual to pray and ask God where he would lead you to serve. Below you will find a list of opportunities to serve in our community with organizations and ministries that Mill City supports. Please pick a project and serve before the end of the summer.

Afterward, we would love to hear and share stories. Please go to millcitychurch.org/mystory to share your story. I look forward to hearing how Mill City Church serves generously in our community.  

This Week:

1.     Pray for our city

2.     Ask God where He wants you to serve

3.     Serve generously


Creating a generous glow,

Nate McHenry

Associate Pastor // Outreach




Fort Collins Rescue Mission serves homeless men and women by providing shelter, meals, spiritual guidance, and life changing programs.

Ongoing Service

  • Kitchen – The Rescue Mission serves around 40 breakfasts and 100 dinners each day.  The kitchen is open 7 days a week, including holidays. There is a need for people to help in the afternoon with prep (1pm-4pm) and to help serve dinner from 4:30pm-6:30pm. The dinner service is ideal for groups.  Minimum age to serve in the kitchen is 16 and people can sign up online at https://serve.drmvolunteers.org.
  • Chapel – Nightly from 5-5:30pm.  Looking for individuals or small groups to provide chapel once a month. If interested, please contact hpulley@denrescue.org.
  • Mentors – Men are needed to mentor participants in the New Life Program at Harvest Farm and Steps to Success Program at the Fort Collins Rescue Mission. No experience is necessary, just a desire to invest in the life of a man who is working toward change. Training is provided. The Rescue Mission requires two meetings a month for one hour each. If interested, please contact hpulley@denrescue.org.



Lincoln Middle School has often been forgotten and neglected, so Mill City “adopted” it as a place to show our love and support.

One Time/Ongoing Service

  • Staff appreciation: ONE TIME or ONGOING *goal is to have the staff room decorated at least 1/x month, could be by one group or various groups.* Decorate the staff room to show appreciation and gratitude for teachers and staff members who would otherwise go unnoticed. This could look like flowers, tablecloths, notes of appreciation, food, etc. You have the freedom to show appreciation in any way you can think of, or you can get suggestions from Nate McHenry if needed. Contact nate@millcitychurch.org if you would like to participate in serving Lincoln Middle School.



Homeless Gear empowers individuals and families who face homelessness to survive, move forward and thrive.

Ongoing Service

  • Distribution - collect and distribute supplies (outdoor gear/outerwear, hygiene products, non-perishable food, etc.) to the homeless population in Fort Collins and throughout Colorado. Supplies are distributed through our Street Outreach program, a Gear Room at a local resource center, at quarterly distributions for children and families, at special events, to the Loveland Rotary KidsPak program and to an additional 50 facilities that serve people who are homeless and near homeless across the state.
  • Sort, stock and display donations at our warehouse
  • Transport donations throughout the state
  • Help out at a Sam’s Club collection event (dates at www.homelessgear.org/calendar). Organize and host a donation drive. Participate in a meal assembly Children in Need. Host quarterly service events for children and families and support numerous facilities that serve children and families that are homeless and near homeless.
  • Help out at a quarterly Children in Need event (dates at www.homelessgear.org/calendar) · Organize and host a donation drive Street Outreach. Send volunteers onto the streets of Fort Collins three nights per week to build relationships with and deliver supplies, referrals and hope to people who are homeless.
  • Join the Street Outreach Team Dedicated Navigator. Help individuals and families who are homeless or low-income apply for benefits (Food Assistance, Medicaid, etc.) for which they may be eligible.
  • Become a Dedicated Navigator (meet with individuals and families to fill out online benefits applications) Hand Up. A long-term program that (a) helps job-seekers who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless find and maintain employment and (b) provides intensive case management to individuals as they work to regain self-sufficiency.
  • Become an Employment Advocate · If you have a business, become a Hand Up business partner and hire our participants One Village One Family. Pair mentor teams with families that are homeless; teams raise funds to help families secure sustainable housing and provide about six months of structured mentoring.
  • Form or Join a Mentor Team
  • Financially Sponsor a Family
  • Rent to One of Our Families

Volunteer General Inquiries: Kimberly Alvarez, Kimberly@HomelessGear.org or (970) 682-3985


MURPHY CENTER (18 and older)

The Murphy Center averages 125 guest interactions per day, 600 per week, and 2,500 per month. Volunteers help facilitate the efficiency with which guests can connect with core services like those listed below. The goal with every volunteer is to match your interests, skills, and time availability to meet the needs of the Murphy Center and more importantly to the helping the people that we serve. In all cases you can volunteer on a regular basis or as your schedule permits.

Our volunteer opportunities fall into one of three categories:

  1. Volunteer at the Murphy Center
  2. Transportation Related (pick up donations)
  3. Volunteer from home (marketing, fundraising, grant writing, and promotion)
  • Food Pantry - Volunteers assemble “To Go” Meals and distribute them to our guests.  This is a perfect “small group” activity for 4-6 people.  We have regular volunteers that build and distribute meals on M-W-F, so we use Tuesdays and Thursdays as “special” days for groups to come in and help out.   
  • Gear Room - distribute outdoor gear & supplies to guests.  M, W, F 9 AM to noon.
  • Grant Writing - do you have grant writing experience?  If so, this is one of the ways you can volunteer to help from home working totally around your schedule and time availability.
  • Laundry Room - do the guest and facility laundry (shower towels). Hygiene items are located in the laundry room, so Laundry Room Attendants also distribute towels and hygiene supplies to guests prior to showers.  M-F 9-5
  • Donation Pickups - have a truck, SUV, or other vehicle with a bit of cargo room?   Help pick up donations around town from local businesses or deliver food boxes to families in need.  This is normally on call, as needed, and around your schedule.  Some donation picks are regular and on a set day and time.  
  • Office Related Support - if you have administrative skills or love data entry there are opportunities to help with guest check in and other office related tasks.  M-F 9-5
  • Benefits Application - help guests apply for benefits on line through Homeless Gear’s Dedicated Navigator Program.  M-W-F mornings.  
  • Locker Room - the on-site locker room contains 162 lockers for guests. Locker Room Volunteer provide guests with access to that room throughout the day and monitor the locker room while guests are inside.  M-F 9-5 
  • Mail Sorting - many guests receive their mail at the Murphy Center. That mail is delivered each day. Mail Sorting Volunteers receive and sort mail, each day, for distribution to guests.  M-F 9-5
  • Floater - if you would like more variety in your volunteer experience, you can learn all of the volunteer tasks and simply fill in each time in whatever role is available.  M-F 9-5
  • Marketing/Fundraising/Promotion From Home - If you want to work from home totally on your schedule and enjoy working on the internet and through email, consider helping with product procurement, marketing, and fundraising.
  • Gardening - the Murphy Center plants a garden each spring and if you have a green thumb or simply want to help outdoors, this might be the perfect volunteer activity for you.  M-F 9-5 
  • Art - have a talent for art or simply want to help our guests in the afternoons express themselves through art?  Let us know if you have creative talents or interests in helping in this way.  M-F Afternoons
  • Computer Instruction - would you like to help folks with computer training needs with job or apartment searches, resume writing, or with general computer skills?  M-F 9-5

 Contact: Kimberly@homelessgear.org or Ken@homelessgear.org


MATTHEW’S HOUSE (all ages, some 16 and older)

Matthew's House' mission is to empower young adults and families in transition who lack a significant support network by providing the resources and relationships necessary for them to take control of their lives and shape positive futures for themselves, while becoming successful contributors to their community.

One Time Service

  • Wild West Relay. This event is our second largest fundraiser and we need volunteers to help! We need 10 volunteers to be stationed along the race course. These could be anywhere along the course at any time of the day. We will know the locations and times of these shifts on July 20th, but are trying to gauge interest now.
  • We need 12 volunteers for the Chapel at the Pines van exchange in Red Feather Lakes on Friday, 8/5. Anticipated shifts below:  

4 volunteers @ Chapel in the Pines: 10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
4 volunteers @ Chapel in the Pines: 1:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
2 volunteers @ intersection of Red Feather Lakes Rd & Manhattan: 1:35 - 4:20 p.m.
2 volunteers @ intersection of Red Feather Lakes Rd & Manhattan: 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Ongoing Service

  • Homework Helpers -this exciting program gives you the chance to engage and build relationships with kids by monitoring and assisting with homework, as well as playing games after homework is done. Volunteers work one shift per week for the entire session. Shifts are as follows: Monday – Friday from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. at the Community Life Centers at Fullana and Genesis Project, 3 – 4 p.m. at Linton Elementary School.
  • Kids Café (Summer through August 19th) - this exciting program gives you the chance to engage and build relationships with kids by playing games outside, doing crafts and helping serve hot lunch provided by the Food Bank for Larimer County. Volunteers work one shift per week (11:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.) for the entire session.

Contact hannahe@thematthewshouse.org to serve in any area.


ALPHA CENTER (16 and older)

We are a Christian nonprofit in the heart of Fort Collins. We take pride in providing compassionate, exceptional medical care to those in need of a pregnancy test, options education, STD screening and sexual health education. 

One Time Service

  • Volunteer to serve at the Golf Tournament Fundraiser on August 1, 2016. 
  • Volunteer to serve at the annual GALA October 6, 2016. 
  • Special Event: Benefit Concert July 28.

Ongoing Service

The Alpha center has volunteers clean their building weekly on Mondays from 8:30-10:30am or anytime on Fridays. 

You may contact Kristin Crabtree to serve in any opportunities at kristinc@thealphacenter.org




Our mission is to provide “help for today and hope for tomorrow” as we directly impact the living conditions for low-income and impoverished residents, as well as a hand-up approach to those who have found themselves in a financial or situational crisis.

Ongoing Service

  • Assist with basic services such as in the Food Pantry, HNS Boutique, clerical work, mentors, meal donations, and van drivers.

To volunteer go to http://www.honservice.org/serve/volunteer/

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